Making Donations for Planting Trees With Your Every Purchase

We do this by committing ourselves to donating money for planting trees in the different parts of the world. For every order you make, for every product sold, we are able to replace the trees used to create the eco-friendly, quality products purchased.

With every product purchased from our site, buyers can enjoy not just the products but also the fact that you are helping heal our environment. With every purchase, you are also planting trees and removing tons of greenhouse gases that harm the atmosphere.

This means that in simple gesture, together we can help in restoring biodiversity. In addition to planting trees, the donations we make with every purchase you make can also feed the poor families from around the world.

The efforts we make in planting trees also provide the poor farmers and their families with meaningful income. With your small gestures, you are able to help the farmers who plant the trees to feed themselves and their families, letting them enjoy a hearty meal.

In effect, your purchase and our efforts lead to changed lives. In small gestures, you are changing people’s lives. You can forever touch the lives of these people, changing it for the better.  The donation we make from your purchase can help farmers in order to plant all sorts of plants and trees.

As farmers, they understand better the needs of the trees and plants, ensuring that their efforts match the plant’s species so they become environmentally gentle. Working side by side with these farms, we can learn, create and establish a most amazing garden of forests.

Trees Are among the Things in the World with the Most Potential

There are so many things in the world with potential lost to men. One of them is trees, one that brings life with every part of it. Realizing the great potential of trees and as we hold the knowledge on how to wield this potential, we bring you a wide array of products here at Shop Wooden Watches.

In our site, we bring you quality handmade products created from trees. However, our interest lies not just in selling you eco-friendly products made from trees. In addition to the valuable products, we are here to support our dying environment.

On that note, for every order of our products we plan to donate money worth of 10 trees to-be-planted to our partner foundation, One Tree Planted. Shop Wooden Watches works together with One Tree Planted to secure the future of the planet.